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Our Story

Farm Fresh Food & Family Fun

We have been in the Rocky Mountain House area since 2006. We were looking for a small community that was vibrant and close to the mountains and where we could start our farming adventures.

Craig and myself, Nicole, have four children Noelle 24 Nate, 21, Chaya 19, and Cyndle 15. For  seven years, we lived on an acreage and have partaken in homesteading and growing our own food, both plant, and livestock. We homeschooled the kids for most of their school years and loved the adventures of homesteading with the family. 

In 2022 our dream of expanding to a farm where we could share our harvest with our community came to fruition. 

We have Registered Canadian Arcott sheep, Pastured Berkshire/ yorkshire and durcoc cross pigs, Pastured Broilers, Free range Egg layers, Pastured Turkey, and Grass Fed Beef. 

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