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What Do I Do With a Whole Chicken????

How many times have I heard this when talking about selling broilers or fryers?

A lot!

I truly do understand that it can be intimidating to take on this task if you have not been shown how. But, I am telling you that it is VERY easy. This post is going to share some great resources to help you get over the intimidation of cooking a whole chicken.

First, farm chicken is a seasonal product in Canada and so you will want to buy all the chicken you need for the winter from your local farmer during the summer and fall and freeze for your winter enjoyment. Therefore, you will need to thaw your chicken. There are recipes that talk about cooking chicken from frozen but often this will leave your chicken more chewy. Remember, fresh farm chickens do not have the tenderizing chemicals that are used in commercial processing (

Here is a great resource that talks about some ways to thaw your chicken.

Another tool to prepare that chicken so it is even tastier is to tenderize with a brine before cooking. Here is an article on using a brine.

Finally, you are ready to cook your chicken. There are so many ways to cook a chicken. It does not need to be boring! Here is a website with a sample of 40 different recipes!

BUT WAIT!!!!!!!

There is more to do with that chicken. DO NOT THROW IT OUT YET!

Make some chicken bone broth from the bones and remnants!

Bone broth has so many wonderful health benefits and is so easy to make from scratch. Check out this website to explore some of the benefits. This next website will teach you how to make bone broth.

Save that bone broth by freezing or canning and drink it straight or use it to make soup or in your cooking. It is amazing!

You will find that whole chicken can go so far and give your family so much enjoyment and nutrition.

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