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Pastured Berkshire Cross Whole Hog- Deposit

Pastured Berkshire Cross Whole Hog- Deposit

When pigs are raised on pasture, with access to natural forage and plenty of sunshine, their meat and fat is also richer in micronutrients, particularly fat-soluble vitamins E and D, as well as minerals like selenium (read more here). As monogastric animals, like humans, pigs make vitamin D in their skin and in their fat when they're exposed to sunlight, making pasture-raised pork particularly rich in vitamin D. 


Deposit on Whole Hog. Prices will be $3.95/lb based on hanging weight. Hanging weight is an average of 180lbs for a whole hog. 


You will pay the processing fees so you have choice of the meat cuts that you want. Price list for processing is available on request. Processing is about $200-300 depending on the cuts that you choose. And will be paid to the butcher. 


First batch will be available January 2023. Reserve now!

  • Pickup/ Delivery

    Pickup is available on farm. Delivery to Rocky Mountain House is included. 

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