Our Farm

Mathey Farms is a family-owned and operated local, small, mixed operation farm. We strive to use regenerative farming principles to heal the soil while providing delicious, healthy, pastured, and ethically raised food. Some of our products include pastured pork, grass-fed lamb, and pastured chicken, eggs, and turkey. We will start providing beef in 2024.

We strive to keep food sources as close to nature as possible and do not feed any hormones or antibiotics. We limit pesticides and chemical use on our farm. Our animals are loved and cared for until the end of their lifecycle when they are humanely slaughtered to provide healthy food. We strive to keep prices reasonable so everyone can prioritize access to healthier food choices.


Our pigs live on pasture, with free access to shelter, rooting material, and grain feed. We do not use farrowing or gestation crates and do not remove teeth or tails. Our meat is a berkshire/ duroc cross which gives an exceptional flavor and texture. 


Our lambs live on pasture and are provided with supplementary minerals. We lamb in late winter/early spring. 


Our cattle are pastured on the quarter in a rotational grazing pattern, and are grass-finished. We bale graze in the winter to feed the soil. 


Farm-fresh eggs are from our layer chickens, who are fed a layer ration mixture, while living in an outside enclosure to also eat grass and bugs.


Meat chickens are Cornish-Cross birds who are kept in a chicken-tractor, a portable outside shelter, that allows us to move them onto fresh grass each day to supplement their grain diet.


Turkeys are raised seasonally in preparation for holidays in the fall and winter. They live in an outdoor enclosure, where they are also fed a grain mixture and supplemented with natural forage.